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2017/01/19 – 2017/01/22: Futaleufú – Chaitén – Hornopirén – Puerto Varas. The Chilean fiords.

Yesterday I discovered an especial place, Museo Pablo Fierro. Full of antiquities and magic energy. It is worthwhile to visit and share stories with Pablo. His motto is: « El arte de soñar … y hacerlo realidad » ( The art of dreaming … and making it real )

Museo Pablo Fierro in Puerto Varas, Chile. Facebook site




2017/01/18: Txileruntz / Towards Chile
Time to say goodbye to Argentina and to Miguel too. He will go to the south and I will go from the carretera Austral to the north.
By bus I travel from El Bolsón to Esquel and from Esquel to Futaleufú by bike. Very nice landscape but the road is rubble road and therefore, very aggressive for the bike and the saddlebags. The saddlebags are damaged and I must hold them with cable wires. Vaude, the brand, which was supposed to be one of the bests, apparently is not that good for this type of roads.

Eskerrik asko Argentina / Muchas gracias Argentina por la magia que tenéis

2017/01/16 –2017/01/17 : Bolson-eko herri hippie-a / The hippie town of Bolson
In Bolson, we stayed in a Warmshowers host, Mari and her parrot. Awesome days, including an amazing concert from a Brasilian-French band.

2017/01/10 –2017/01/16 :  Bariloche, Rio Negro, Patagonia
At the beginning Miguel and me were thinking to stay two days in Bariloche, at Mario’s apartment, the architect I knew in Perú. However, the mountains, the « Asados », the parties and the generosity and good atmosphere of the Argentinians is so good that we stayed 8 days and nights.

2017/01/03- 2017/01/09: Pucón – Paso Mamuil Malal – San Martin de los Andes – Los siete lagos – Bariloche
In San Martin de los Andes I meet another crazy touring cyclist, Miguel from Salamanca, Spain.

Siete Lagos
Miguel, Salamankako txirrindularia / Miguel, the cyclist from Salamanca, Spain


2016/12/21 – 2017/01/03 : Los Andes, Santiago, Concepción, Pucón, Coñaripe, Curarrehue


2016/12/16 – 2016/12/20 : Kamoiez / Hitch-hiking by truck  Tucuman – Mendoza

2016/12/12 – 2016/12/16 : Bizikletaz / Riding … San Salvador de Jujuy, General Güemes, Metan, Trancas, Tucuman


2016/12/06 – 2016/12/11 : Copacabana – La Paz –  Uyuni, BOLIVIA

Bolivian egun gutxi batzuk besterik ez ditut pasa. Duela bi urte Boliviatik bidaiatzen egon nintzen eta ezagutzeko herrialde gehiago daudenez, La Paz-en lagun bat bisitatu eta autobusez Uyunira joan naiz. Gatz basamortua bizikletaz ibili ondoren,  Argentinara pasa naiz autobusez.

ENGLISH: I only spent few days in Bolivia because I came here two years ago, therefore, I go forward to visit other countries. Here I stayed in Copacabana, La Paz and Uyuni, the salt desert.


2016/11/30 – 2016/12/05 : Andeetako altiplanoa / The high Andean plateau, PERU

2016/11/11 – 2016/11/31 : Iparraldeko basamortutik, Inkaren sorlekura / From the north desert to Inka’s birthplace, PERU


2016/10/28 – 2016/11/09 : Oihaneko herrixkak bizikletaz / Riding alongside the jungle villages , ECUADOR 

2016/10/10 – 2016/10/27 : Amazoniako oihanean / In the Amazon jungle, ECUADOR 

2016/10/06 – 2016/10/08 : Chimborazo (6268 m), ECUADOR 

2016/10/03 – 2016/10/05 : Kichwen lurraldean / In Kichwas land, ECUADOR 

2016/09/29 – 2016/09/03 : Sumendien ibilbidea / The volcanoes avenue, ECUADOR 

2016/09/24 – 2016/09/29 : Aklimatatzen / Acclimatising, ECUADOR

2016/09/24 – 2016/09/29 : Quitora iristen / Arriving in Quito, ECUADOR